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"Mr. Hefley is the epitome of a great lawyer. One must have a true sense of what special education children are facing and he does. I couldn't be more grateful for his help in assuring my sons have the educational supports they need to thrive. Thanks!!" -- A.Q.

"Our son is special needs and he has an IEP. Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, we had some concerns about our sons education. We spoke to Paul about our options. Paul always conducted himself in a very professional manner while at the same time looking out for the best interest of our son. Paul's main priority was doing the best for our son. Paul's services are free. We did not pay a dime for him to represent us. If you're having trouble with your child's school/district, I'd highly recommend at least consulting with Paul to see if you have a case. It won't cost you a dime and could make a world of difference to your child." -- C.L.

"If you need a person who will fight for your child no matter what obstacles arise or how challenging the case is, Paul is the right person for you! He will not give up until the results are favorable for your child's future. Paul is tenacious, honorable and knows the law in such a precise way that you will be extremely satisfied having him on your team. Thank you Paul for your continued support of our son. You are a rare gem and we appreciate your efforts!!" -- D.W.

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